Major consequences for Phulanya after Cyclone Freddy

Last week Cyclone Freddy largely destroyed our working area, Phulanya. More than 500 mm of rain fell in a few days. The current situation calls for an intervention ofĀ immediate relief help, reconstruction and prevention.

The consequences for Phulanya are becoming increasingly clear. Last Thursday, our field workers were able to reach Phulanya by motorbike for the first time. The situation is serious. The roads have collapsed, almost all houses have been washed away and crops have been destroyed. Most residents have gathered at shelter locations. The situation there is critical. The shelters are overcrowded, there is no food, there are no basic facilities, people are in shock and have no perspective on what has happened. Major health risks threaten.

On Friday, our field workers were able to provide first aid to two shelters in and around Phulanya. It took them a total of 6 hours to reach the area by car (normally it is a 45 min drive). We were the first organization to reach the locations. Government authorities are struggling to support all affected areas. We are grateful that we succeeded and that we were able to provide the shelters with all kinds of necessary items (such as food, blankets, medication, first aid kits and other basic needs). The video below gives an impression:

Appreciation and call for support

We would like to thank everyone who supports our work with:

šŸŒŸ PrayerĀ for the people of Phulanya and for our fieldworkers;

šŸŒŸ Het Spreading the news so that the current situation is known to many;

šŸŒŸ DonationsĀ so that we can provide the help needed (in the long term).

The "Relief help to Phulanya" fundraiser will continue to ensure that we can provide the aid that is needed. Would you also like to help?