25 new bicycles for primary school students

There is no primary school in our working area of ​​Phulanya, making access to education a challenge for many primary school students. Many children have to walk long distances to reach their school. These travel distances are a major obstacle for children to go to school every day. It makes access to education vulnerable.

In January 2022 we started a bicycle project, with the aim of making bicycles available to primary school students who live far from school. Since then, we have made 40 bicycles available to primary school students. The bicycles are a great solution for bridging the distance to school.De fietsen zijn een grote uitkomst om de afstand naar school te overbruggen.

By offering bicycles to primary school students in and around Phulanya we achieve:

  • Daily access to education for participants.
  • Increased graduation rates and school results by at least 30% among participants.
  • Reducing the number of (sexual) harassment and other unsafe incidents to and from school for our participants.
  • Ability to care for a valuable item (in this case a bicycle) at school and at home by the participants and their family members.

In 2024, One Hope Malawi will purchase 25 new bicycles to increase the number of participants from 40 to 65 students.

Would you like to support this mission? One new bicycle costs €350. Will you contribute?

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