Agriculture is the main source of income for the residents of Malawi. Due to the annual floods and extreme drought in Phulanya, the harvest is not sufficient to provide the inhabitants with food.

  • 86% of Malawians work in the (small-scale) agricultural sector;
  • 100% of the inhabitants of Phulanya do not have access to enough food.

Current situation in Phulanya
More than 90% of the inhabitants of Phulanya are engaged in small-scale agriculture. The inhabitants grow their own crops, sell tomatoes or help on the land. The harvest is not sufficient for the whole year. All residents of Phulanya face hunger.

Our program
Smart agriculture technologies and and practices are needed to improve the agricultural productivity and outcomes. We do this by:

  • Providing the right seeds and other agricultural recourses (e.g. crop treatment, manure);
  • Providing community training about new agricultural techniques and about the growth and the usage of crops.

Together with the community, we look for solutions to generate more harvest. This is done in collaboration with local experts in the field of agriculture. In order to improve the quantity and quality of the harvest, an inventory will be made of which (new) crops grow well in Phulanya.