The earth is heating up, resulting in climate change. This is also affecting Malawi. Every year Phulanya has to deal with floods or extreme drought. One Hope Malawi is committed to combating the effects of climate change and preparing the population for the floods and drought.

Current situation in Phulanya
Floods and drought, caused by the climate change, result in failed harvests, collapsed houses and the spread of illnesses. Deforestation is one of the threatening factors.

  • Floods in Phulanya twice a year
  • 50+ houses collapsed due to flooding in Phulanya in 2022

Our program
We focus on the establishment of climate resistant communities, by:

  • Offering relief help to improve resilience during (natural) disasters;
  • Creating understanding and awareness about important climate processes;
  • Strengthening the adaptation skills to climate changes in the community (e.g. by planting new trees and improving the houses).

Budget 2023