A good career choice is not always easy. In Malawi, the focus is on jobs with a good salary. Jobs in agriculture, education, construction, etc. are not promoted. One Hope Malawi is committed to guiding young people to a conscious career choice where their heart lies.

  • 0% of pupils in secondary education receive help with a career choice
  • € 9.48 is the average gross monthly salary in Malawi

Current situation in Phulanya
The majority of the inhabitants of Phulanya work in small-scale agriculture or do piece work. The possibilities are very limited due to their low socio-economic status. There is no career guidance available at school. When a career choice has to be made the choice is usually for a job with a good salary. In many cases this is not in line with the student’s own skills and interests.

Our project:
One Hope Malawi Foundation is committed to guiding young people in their career choice. We do this in collaboration with local primary and secondary schools. Lessons are offered to help the students discover what they like and what is involved in a particular career choice. We also want to help them apply for a scholarship. In this way, we hope that people will make a career choice wherever their heart lies.