Sunflower seeds and chickpeas for the crop groups

Last week, sunflower seeds and chickpeas were distributed among the crop groups. There is currently a food shortage in Phulanya. We are committed to supporting the people of Phulanya to work towards food security.

Background Information
Agriculture plays a vital role in rural areas, serving as a cornerstone of their economy and livelihood. The rural community of Phulanya is no exception, relying heavily on farming as a primary source of income and sustenance. However, despite the significance of agriculture to this region, farmers often struggle to achieve desirable and consistent yields due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of effective farming practices.

In November 2022, the Crop Group project was initiated by forming seven crop groups involving various villages in and around Phulanya. The aim is to improve farming activities and practices in Phulanya village. We do this by:

1. Provision of Seeds and Farm Materials

2. Agricultural trainings and Capacity Building

3. Monitoring and Evaluation of the crop groups