''Together for better''

We stand for sustainability and project ownership in the fight against poverty in Malawi. We focus in all our projects on self-reliance and responsibility. We always work together with the local community to make maximum use of the locally available resources, infrastructure, knowledge and skills. We stand for cooperation in the widest sense: people from the local communities, sponsors, government institutions, field workers, hospitals, schools, local organisations and other parties concerned. 

We work in the community of Phulanya in the southern part of Malawi. Phulanya consists of six small villages with a population of about 1000 inhabitants. The houses are far apart. Phulanya is situated on the Phalombe river. Due to climate change, the river floods annually, which has resulted in hunger, poor living conditions and poverty.

As a foundation, we will focus on five areas of development: 

  • education
  • health and sanitation
  • Agriculture
  • climate change
  • career counselling

These projects will be grounded in Biblical norms and values. This will be evident in a number of evangelistic activities in addition to these projects.