With our program “Evangelism in Phulanya” we want to offer biblical education and pastoral help to the community in Phulanya through various activities. Our approach is to spread the gospel, strengthening people's understanding and commitment to the word of God, without necessarily starting a new church.

Current situation in Phulanya
Malawi is a predominantly Christian country.

  • 90% of Phulanya's residents are Christians;
  • 6% of Phulanya's residents are Muslim;
  • 3% of Phulanya's residents follow a traditional faith.

Despite the large percentage of Christians, knowledge and education about the Bible is often lacking. This is complicated by the fact that the majority do not have their own Bible. Many Christians live in fear of witchcraft or adhere to other traditional beliefs. This has a major influence on the churches and the Christian faith in Malawi. Many different churches have emerged over time. In the area of Phulanya you can find about 50 small churches. These churches hardly or never cooperate with each other. There is a great need for discipleship, biblical education, and pastoral guidance in the daily life of the community.

Our program
Our evangelism activities are carried out by two local pastors employed by the One Hope Malawi who are closely connected to the community of Phulanya. Our projects focus on:

  • Personal and spiritual counseling through visits to all the households in Phulanya by our local pastor;
  • Making (Children’s) Bibles available in their own language;
  • Organizing weekly evangelism gatherings which focus on Biblical knowledge.
  • Organizing an annual large-scale evangelism event to achieve unity among churches.