Access to healthcare is a human right. For many residents of Phulanya this is not self-evident. One Hope Malawi is committed to providing access to healthcare for everyone. In addition, our focus is on prevention and healthy living.

  • €2,50 is the price for one consultation in the hospital
  • 44% of the inhabitants of Phulanya drink water from the river.

Current situation in Phulanya
The community has little or no access to the free health care provided by the government. The residents have no money to go to a private clinic. The community has one water pump and one well available as a source of clean drinking water. Half of the inhabitants get water from the river.

Our program
We strive towards the improvement of the access to health and sanitary facilities in order to enable the community to live a healthy life. We ensure this by:

  • Drilling boreholes in order to ensure safe and clean drinking water;
  • Improving the sanitary facilities at community level and in schools;
  • Increasing the access to and the quality of health care;
  • Sharing information about a healthy lifestyle.

In 2020 - 2022 three wells were built, giving the community better access to clean drinking water and making drinking water from the river largely unnecessary. In 2023 efforts will be made to improve the quality of the drinking water, such as placing chlorine dispensers at the wells to prevent the spread of cholera. In addition, a well will be drilled in one place in Phulanya, because there is no well here yet.

Budget 2023