There are a variety of ways to support the work of One Hope Malawi financially. You can read the options below:


Would you like to support the work of One Hope Malawi with a donation? It is possible to give a single donation or to become a regular donor. Click on the button below to fill in your details.

You can also make a manual transfer to the One Hope Malawi Foundation. This can be done on our bank account number:

IBAN: NL 97 ABNA 0881 9888 71
Attn: Stichting One Hope Malawi

Periodic donations

Would you like to make a periodic donation with additional tax benefits? If you commit your annual donation to One Hope Malawi for at least five years as a periodic donation, you can deduct it from your tax. You can pay in terms or all at once. Use the form below (schenkingsovereenkomst) to register the periodic donation.

More information about periodic donations? Visit the website of the belastingdienst.