Good education ensures that a country can develop further and that the living standards of its inhabitants will improve. One Hope Malawi is committed to getting more children to  go to school. 

Current situation in Phulanya
In Phulanya, absenteeism is very high. The children in Phulanya have to walk long distances to school every day. This is made more difficult during the rainy season, when there are floods. There is also a great shortage of school uniforms and school materials. In addition, there is often not enough money available to pay school fees. This results in the following figures:

  • 58% of boys in Malawi complete primary school
  • 48% of girls in Malawi complete primary school
  • 38% of students in Malawi move on from primary to secondary education.
  • 5 – 10 KM distance that the children walk to school every day

What are we doing?
Our focus is on improving the access to and the quality of education and the improvement of school results for less privileged children, by:

  • Establishing good quality nursery centers;
  • Providing bicycles to students for better access to education;
  • Providing scholarships for secondary school students and students who further their education within the tertiary education system for the payment of school fees and school materials;
  • Organizing Remedial Teaching sessions for extra support for secondary school students with learning difficulties.