Do you, as a school, want to take action for the people in poverty who have to survive on € 0.05 a day every day? Then the "Walk of Hope" is a good activity for your school!

How does it work?

As a school, you map out a route that all children have to walk. This can be circuits around a sports field, circuits around  the school, a route through your neighbourhood, etc.  The students ask family and acquaintances to sponsor them for each circuit they run. On the day before the "Walk of Hope", all sponsor forms must be handed in at school. On the day itself, you can choose to invite parents to encourage your students. If it is difficult to find a time to organise this as a whole school, you can consider doing the "Walk of Hope" during PE class. This is a way for each class to do it in their own time. 

At the end of the promotion, you let us know how much money has been raised and you can send one or more photos to us. These can then be placed on our website, Facebook and Instagram. This is of course completely without obligation. 

What Can You Expect? 

We provide you with sponsor forms for the students. In addition, we provide posters to make the action visible in school. We will also send leaflets that the students can take with them when they are looking for sponsors. A detailed description of the "Walk of Hope" will be sent to you digitally, so that you can forward it to the entire team.

Join the Walk Of Hope