Our approach after cyclone freddy

Last month Cyclone Freddy largely destroyed our working area, Phulanya. More than 500 mm of rain fell in a few days. The current situation calls for an intervention of immediate relief help, reconstruction and prevention.

Phase 1. Relief help
In the past weeks we supported the shelters by:

  • Weekly distribution of food and other necessities;
  • Organizing activities during the day: planting of trees, planting of crops, sport activities, school activities;
  • Daily pastoral care and prayers in the evening;
  • Weekly health checks;
  • Joining hands with the responsible government departments.

Phase 2: Reconstruction of Phulanya
This phase will be dedicated to restoring the infrastructure and rebuilding the houses in Phulanya, we do this by:

  • Guiding the village in using sustainable building materials;
  • Providing building materials to families;
  • Providing a design for houses which can withstand difficult weather circumstances;
  • Renovating classrooms and toilets which were affected by cyclone Freddy;
  • Fixing temporary passages over broken roads and bridges;
  • Planting seeds and cuttings;
  • Organizing income generating activities.

Phase 3: Prevention
We will include several long-term interventions in our multi-year plan:

  • Build dykes to protect the village;
  • Plant trees at crucial places in the village;
  • Construct a good road network, waterways, bridges and other water passages at places where this is required;
  • Start tree nurseries in Phulanya.

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