Relief help for the shelters

The past few weeks have been all about providing relief help to the shelters in and around Phulanya. We are very grateful to everyone who supported our work, it made the help to the shelters in Phulanya possible! What were we able to do?

Supporting the shelters with food and other necessary items
The shelters were overcrowded and people were in shock. In collaboration with the local authorities, we have been able to provide the shelters with food (such as corn, sweet potato, fresh vegetables), medicines, soap, blankets, flashlights and toys.

Health checks at the shelters
Many people in the shelters have malaria and the risk of cholera spreading was very high. About 150 people were treated by the medical team. Some people were referred to hospital for further treatment.

Providing pastoral assistance and organizing church services
Every Sunday a church service was organized in one of the shelters. There are many different churches represented in the shelters. It’s great to see how these different churches form a unity and share God's hope with each other.

Organizing activities to avoid aimlessness
Various activities have been organized at the shelters to give people a goal every day. For example, we have organized sports and games activities and we have planted trees.