Seeds and training for families in Phulanya

The people in Malawi are suffering. Not just the people in the villages, but the middle classes as well. People have stopped eating bread and their staple food, maize, has become so expensive that they have reduced the number of meals they eat per day. Hunger is a reality and even greater hunger is to be expected. It touches our hearts as an organization to see the ordinary people suffering whilst the rich can continue to enjoy their lives. The Malawian government is not able to provide the usual subsidy for fertilizer this year, which means that the farmers will either not plant any maize or plant maize and have a poor harvest.

One Hope Malawi continues to support the villagers in and around Phulanya. In November we will select between 50 – 100 families who will receive seeds for crops which grow well in their area and don’t require fertilizer (which now costs €80,00 per bag of 50 kg). In addition, training will be given to them about growing the crops and how the crops can be used for a nutritious meal.

In this way we hope to reduce the great hunger in and around Phulanya. We need your support in prayer and donations. Please, pray for a great rainy season and good harvests!