Publication annual report 2022

We are happy to share the annual report 2022 of the One Hope Malawi Foundation. In this report we present the activities, challenges and results of our mission to improve the self-reliance of local communities in Malawi.

The main objectives of our 2020-2022 policy plan were aimed at starting up the foundation, getting to know the working area and successfully realizing our first projects. We can note with gratitude that this has been achieved. 2022 was all about providing continuity and further development of the projects and simulating the growth in financial resources to be able to realize the projects.

We have been able to celebrate many achievements together over the past year. For example, we were able to
⭐️ Support 24 high school students with a study fund;
⭐️ Provide 40 primary school students with a bicycle to go to school;
⭐️ care and protect 6000 newly planted trees;
⭐️ support 280 families with seeds and tools for agriculture;
⭐️ set up 8 crop groups to stimulate knowledge sharing about agricultural techniques and sale of the harvest;
⭐️ …to build a new nursery school!

We are grateful for the sponsors, donors and volunteers who make our work possible and look forward to further develop our mission in the coming years.

Enjoy reading (english version available soon)