Clean water for Phulanya!

It is a hot day in Phulaya, the temperature is reaching above 40 decrees Celsius. It is quiet in the village; everyone is busy preparing their fields for rainy season. A few women are found at the borehole. They are taking water to their homes. One woman is carrying a baby on her back and is filling three big jerry cans with water. Once they are filled, she connects them to her bicycle. To our surprise the bicycle can hold the weight of the water. She tells us that she lives many kilometers away from the borehole. There is no clean water near her house. Every day she must come and collect water from such a far distance. A heavy task for this young mother. It is a blessing that she owns a bicycle. Many people of Phulanya must walk this far distance or simply give up and use water from the river. It is a pathetic situation.

Our work

This week a drilling company will come and drill a borehole for the community at the other side of the village. It is our goal to drill three more boreholes. We are thankful for the people who we able to support us! Your contribution brings hope to the people in Phulanya. Still a lot needs to be done and we need more financial support. Give the people of Phulanya hope and join our mission to improve the daily lives of the people in Phulanya!

What can you do?

  • Pray for the work One Hope Malawi is doing.
  • Become a Volunteer. We need people who can maintain our website, help organize fundraising activities etc. Send us an email if you're interested: info@onehopemalawi.com
  • Support our work with a donation. We need more financial support to keep our work going. You can support us via our website (PayPal) or you can make a direct transaction to NL97ABNA0881988871, Stichting One Hope Malawi, BIC: ABNANL2A