Three boreholes for Phulanya!

Schoon drinkwater

Happy noises, happy faces and people dancing. This is what you would have heard and seen in Phulanya village on Wednesday December 9. People are celebrating water, clean drinking water! With the help of God and with all the support we received from various people and companies we were able to drill three boreholes in Phulanya village. A sixty-year-old lady told us that she never drank clean water in her life. She drank dirty water from the river for sixty years! Full of joy she said: “At least my children and grandchildren will not suffer like I did”. It brought tears to our eyes. A young mother came to us as well and told us: “When I met you at the borehole far from my house and you told me that your organization will drill boreholes in Phulanya, I thought it would take many years before this would happen. But they are here already! I am so happy that I do not have to travel far for water anymore. May God bless you!”. All these beautiful testimonies fill our hearts with joy!

Miracles still happen

The first borehole we drilled was a test of our faith: we did not find water. The people of Phulanya were disappointed and afraid they will find no water at all in Phulanya! Moses talked with the people and the chief of Phulanya. They told him that they were afraid someone bewitched the place. Moses told them that God is bigger than any witch! He told them: “If God has called me to work in Phulanya, He will provide water. If we find no water, God must have called me to another place.”. He left them with a question: “What if you will find water in this dry borehole tomorrow?”. The people told him that it was impossible. The next morning a woman, who lives close to the dry borehole, called Moses and said: “My child threw a stone in the dry borehole and he says that he hears the sound of water. Can you come immediately?”. Moses went and indeed there was a lot of water in the dry borehole! God is alive and miracles still happen! The people fell down in awe for what God had done. They said: “Now we believe! Now we believe that God is real and we will follow Him!”. If God was able to provide water to the Israelites in the dessert, He still can do it today!