Health care

Access to healthcare is a human right. For many residents of Phulanya this is not self-evident. One Hope Malawi is committed to providing access to healthcare for everyone. In addition, our focus is on prevention and healthy living. 

  • €2,50 Price for one consultation in the hospital
  • 44% of the residents of Phulanya drink water from the river 
  • 1 Water pump available for more than 1000 residents in Phulanya

Current situation in Phulanya
The community has little or no access to the free health care provided by the government. The residents have no money to go to a private clinic. The community has one water pump and one well available as a source of clean drinking water. Half of the inhabitants get water from the river.

What are we doing?
One Hope Malawi has been able to provide emergency assistance to fight Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021. The emphasis was on sharing knowledge, awareness, social distancing en hygiene.

In 2020 - 2022, two wells will be built, so that the community has better access to clean drinking water and the use of drinking water from the river is largely unnecessary. Efforts will also be made to improve the quality of the drinking water, such as boiling drinking water for use and the use of safe water sources. This project aims to  improve the health of the inhabitants of Phulanya. 

A study will be conducted to identify the causes of the current problems in the field of health care and sanitation.

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