The nursery school construction is in full swing!

The construction of the nursery school started in July. In the preceding months we were busy with all the preparations. We bought a piece of land in Phulanya where the nursery school is now being built. It is not only a One Hope Malawi project but is also an entire village project and it's great to see how many people from Phulanya are involved in the construction. Currently there are 34 people from Phulanya who are in paid work through this project. This means that 34 families have food, that school fees can be paid, etc.

The local committees have been given their own tasks during the construction. For example, there is a committee that ensures security during construction and a committee that records all construction materials. The local construction workers’ knowledge is growing daily because they are being guided by experienced construction workers from the city. This knowledge is of great importance in Phulanya, where many houses are built in a very primitive way. The local workers will be able to apply the new construction techniques in their own work.

Construction is progressing steadily! The foundation and walls of the nursery school have now been built. In the coming weeks we hope to place the roof and build a toilet block. The children in Phulanya cannot wait to go to school. Every day after school a group of children comes to play on the piece of land where we hope the schoolyard will be. Schools will reopen in Malawi in October. We hope to have a celebration when we open the new school building. Watch the video below for an impression of the first phase of construction.

Construction of the nursery school (phase 1)