Climate change

The earth is heating up, resulting in climate change. This is also affecting Malawi. Every year Phulanya has to deal with floods or extreme drought. One Hope Malawi is committed to combating the effects of climate change and preparing the population for the floods and drought. 

  • Floods in Phulanya twice a year
  • 50+ houses collapsed due to flooding in Phulanya in 2020
  • 9 men arrested for trying to make a passage for the water in Phulanya

Current situation in Phulanya
The community of Phulanya suffers from annual flooding.  Deforestation is one of the contributary factors. This year, nine men were arrested for trying to make a channel for the water. We are closely following the lawsuit. 

What are we doing?
The One Hope Malawi Foundation is committed to combating the consequences of climate change. For example, reforestation will start. The local population will take care of the trees, under the supervision of a field worker from One Hope Malawi. 

In times of flooding, we will provide emergency relief, in collaboration with the government. In order to properly map out what kind of help is needed per household, an inventory will be made during the year of what the harvest was per household, what help has already been received and what else is needed. This is in order to be able to distribute all resources fairly. 

In addition, we will focus on preparing the community for floods and extreme drought. This will be done by providing training to the local development committee, who will pass the information on to the local community. Two people from the development committee will focus on climate change. 


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