Strategic plan 2023-2025

We proudly present One Hope Malawi's Strategic plan for the period 2023 to 2025. Looking back over the past two years, we are grateful for everything that has been achieved. Obtaining our CBF quality mark and our formal registration as an organization in Malawi were particularly important steps. A good foundation has been laid to continue with our mission, which is to achieve the self-reliance of local communities in Malawi. To continue our mission, One Hope Malawi will focus on six specific themes over the next three years:

🌟 Promoting access to and quality of education;
🌟 Building climate resiliant communities;
🌟 Increasing access to health care and sanitary facilities;
🌟 Developing smart agricultural technologies and practices;
🌟 Increasing conscious and realistic career choices among young people;
🌟 Offering reliable Biblical education.

The Strategic plan explains these themes and describes the context, approach and activities for the next three years. Click on this link if you like to read the Strategic plan for 2023-2025. Prefer a concise overview of our projects in 2023? Check it out here!